Market season is almost here! 

Due to Covid -19 the tentative date for the market to open for crafters is July 11,2020.   

Every Saturday @ Issaquah farmers market you can find me in the 800 row from 9-2pm. 

​Where you can find us

Welcome, we make healthy, natural, and organic treats for your best friend in Washington State.  After researching and finding out what is in the ingredients for our dogs treats I decided to launch my own company.  I do not want my dog eating treats from far away countries with no regulations on their health practices.  Many store bought treats have fillers and too many preservatives that i do no want in my dogs body.   My company sells the goodies at farmers markets.  Layla Lu Lu is my inspiration.  

 Bandanas for your best friend. 

Lu Lu's Lovin Barkery

Natural and Organic

Treats for your Best Friend

About Layla LU LU

Layla spends her days chewing on home made treats and playing with her friends at the local dog park.